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On September 4th, 2020 U96 opened the new online concert series on CUBEsession.
U96 Live... Legacy tracks, rare album titles and new stuff from the upcoming TRANSHUMAN Album...
Their hypnotic-magical techno version of the classic movie soundtrack ‘The Boat’ saw Hamburg band U96, featuring Hayo Lewerentz and Ingo Hauss, write music history in the early 1990s.
The history of U96 is that of a highly successful career, starting in 1990 with the band’s foundation by Lewerentz, Hauss, their former production partner Helmut Hoinkis and DJ Alex Christensen. Only one year later, U96 landed a major hit with their version of the titletrack of the box office success ‘The Boat’ (13 weeks at no. 1 in Germany), followed by the same-named debut album which immediately went gold and topped the German album charts.
Its successor Replugged with its slightly more experimental style, inspired by electro pop as well as ambient and disco sound, corroborated its predecessor’s success a mere twelve months later, clocking up two more top 10 hits, namely the dance tracks ‘Love Sees No Colour’ and ‘Night In Motion’, as well as producing forerunners of the impending trip-hop wave with the more laid-back ‘The Russian’ and ‘Without You’. U96 went on to expand their stylistic range on albums such as Club Bizarre (1995) and Heaven (1996) and presented, along with their established techno base, also cross references to pop, trance, rave and Eurodance.
Things were a little more quiet for the band from Germany’s north in the early 2000s, their album Out Of Wilhelmsburg being released in 2007. A number of personel changes and the split with Alex Christensen in 2014 followed. The two original members Lewerentz and Hauss subsequently expanded U96’s previous recipe for success by live concerts and DJ Sets featuring a variety of guests.
Along with the band’s classics, the most important songs from their new album Reboot are be at the centre of those concerts.
The collaboration between U96 and Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk) is just as trend-setting – an artistically highly exciting liaison between three musicians.

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