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U96 - Boot II (Volle Fahrt Voraus Mix)
U96 - Heaven (DB 600 Remix)
U96 - Heaven (French Kiss Mix)
U96 - Heaven (George Morel Remix)
U96 - Heaven (Klubbheads Remix)
U96 - Heaven (Prophecy Mix)
U96 - Heaven (Radio Version)
U96 - Heaven (Raver´s Nature Remix)
U96 - Heaven (Xenomania Club Mix)
U96 - Heaven (Xenomania Instrumental) no youtube video

Front Cover
Cover by Elkes Grafisher Hart, FFM. Photo Gaby Gerster, styling Jez Eaton, Flügel Jo Fielitz. Design by Elke König & Wavo (Silver Haze)

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